IIFT is a family-based treatment model for children and adolescents with a serious mental health condition delivered by a team of expert clinicians. It provides effective treatment for children and teens who have not responded to traditional outpatient treatments such as individual therapy, an IOP or PHP program, and so on.   IIFT is also effective for stabilizing a child in their family home in order to avoid psychiatric hospitalization or residential care. 

Dr. Paul Sunseri, the developer of IIFT, has extensive experience with children and teens with serious mental health conditions.  He is the founder of three community mental health agencies, a published researcher in peer reviewed journals, a TEDx speaker , and a practicing clinical psychologist.

Dr. Sunseri and his well trained, highly experienced team of therapists will provide your family with the right services to most effectively treat your child's  mental health condition. 


Listen to Dr Sunseri's podcast on mental health and IIFT

Team Approach

Upon  initiation of services, each family is assigned its own treatment team. The team  consists of the team leader/parent therapist (Dr. Sunseri),  a family therapist, an individual therapist for the child/teen, and a 1:1 skills coach. All families receive these services weekly to start but then fade over time as the child or teen's behavior improves.

Our highly-experienced team are experts in improving your child's symptoms, reducing family conflict, resolving a crisis or dispute, and helping families thrive. Team members are chosen for their expertise matched to the family's specific needs.  Each member of the team brings his or her unique skill set and together are available to your family around the clock (24/7) for guidance, support, skills coaching, and conflict resolution.

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