An Initial clinical assessment will be conducted for your family to determine your needs and strengths followed by the development of a treatment plan specific to your own family. Clinical interventions are highly individualized and targeted to you own child or adolescent's unique needs.


Several evidence-based treatment approaches are routinely used  with each family, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  Elements of each of these approaches are woven skillfully and effectively into almost every therapy session.

The majority of family life, and the challenges and worries that can come with parenting a child with a mental health issue, take place outside of the therapy hour. In IFFT, we strongly believe  that helping parents and children in the moment when as an issue is unfolding is vital to the treatment process. To that end, IFFT therapists are available after hours for coaching, support, and guidance  when it can be most helpful.

Treatment Plan

Evidence-Based Approaches

 Collaborative Services

 Around the Clock Availability

A Family-based, highly effective treatment for children and teens.


Family-centered, flexible, strength-based, and highly collaborative services  are core components of IFFT. We will coordinate your child's clinical services with other ancillary treatment providers (e.g., the child's psychiatrist, school, insurance company, and so on) to reduce confusion and ensure smooth service delivery.