Overall Family Satisfaction

New Horizons Child & Family Institute asks families to periodically complete an evaluation form so that we know if we are on the right track clinically and meeting their needs. 

The above graph shows the most recent responses to the statement, "Overall, I am satisfied with the services my family and I are recevivng" (96 of the most recent responses in total). As can be seen, 100% of our familes indicated that statement is completely true (84.4%), or very true (15.6%). 

    Parent Feedback

What Parents Are Saying About IFFT

"We were at a point where we felt lost and everything was out of control. We struggled with regaining balance in our household and with trying to effectively parent a child who self-harms. This program has been better than we could have ever imagined. We are working hard and making progress little by little. When we go through challenging weeks/days, we finally have the support we need to navigate those waters."

"New Horizon's IFFT has been a life changing experience for my family. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to better communicate and handle family conflicts in a calm and nonreactive manner. I'm certain that the relationship skills we are building will continue to enrich our family experience for years beyond the program."

"With the help of these capable, caring and compassionate professionals we were able to get through some of the hardest times in our lives, we will be grateful for their help."

"Dr. Sunseri and his team are amazing! I was so nervous yet super excited for this journey. It takes a lot of work on everyone’s end but it has been SO worth every minute of it!! We have left every meeting feeling better, empowered and that he cares about our family. I talk about New Horizons and Dr. Sunseri’s approach to everyone. I have seen so much growth and improvement it’s amazing! I am a pretty critical person and can’t honestly come up with one negative thing to say. I am so grateful for everything New Horizons has and continues to do for our family. I can’t imagine where we would be without them!"


"IIFT has helped our family tremendously. Their parental guidance and support through very scary situations has been invaluable. I would highly recommend their services."

"IIFT has changed our lives, and I am grateful for all the help our family has received. We have learned many new skills for the entire family. I have personally been in counseling most of my life, and I have never experienced a program like this. I wish this was available to me, as a child. You guys do amazing work. My only regret, is not finding this sooner! Thank you!"

"Dr. Sunseri and the New Horizons therapists have been very helpful and have guided me through some very difficult times with my daughter. Paul has managed to help me turnaround my family relationships resulting with very positive living conditions in a single parent household. Paul has exceeded all my expectations for guidance, control and support interacting with both my teenage children. Many thanks from a single father."

"This program has changed our lives, and I cannot be more happy with how are family gets along."

"Dr. Sunseri and my child’s clinical team at New Horizons are very helpful and down to earth. Quick on solving problems and very supportive. Very glad that my family is using their services."