IIFT  draws from the very best models of home-based therapies and family treatment.  Using  unique, highly effective interventions not found anywhere else, we help you through the most challenging family situations and greatly improve your child or teen's behavior.



IIFT is soundly grounded in science-based treatment approaches and clinical interventions .  At its theoretical core lies attachment-based family therapies designed to reduce  conflict, enhance communication, improve problem behavior, and build closer, more loving family connections.   


Virtual Technology

Home-Based Services

With more parents struggling with challenging teens and trying to maintain happiness and connection in the family, IIntensive In-Home Family Treatment (IIFT) has become a powerful solution. It provides a specialized team of therapists that resolve the most challenging behavioral needs of children and teens through an innovative approach using 24/7 real-time  coaching.

KCRA3's Project Community featured a story on California's innovative community-based groups addressing mental health issues. Intensive In-Home Family Treatment (IIFT) was highlighted as a break through treatment option. Watch this video to learn more about one family's perspective and how it has helped them maintain peace in the family.

Restore Peace in Your Family and Improve Your Child or Teen's Behavior Through

Real-time Coaching From Expert Therapists

If families so choose, optional virtual technology (cameras in the home) allows for real-time coaching, thereby making IIFT available to families anywhere in the U.S. Our clinicians provide advice and support 24/7 to help guide families to peacefully resolve conflicts as they occur.


A Science-Based 

Solution for

Struggling Families