IFFT  is a highly effective model of family treatment for serious childhood mental health issues such as  self-harm, suicidal thoughts, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, anxiety, substance use, and so on in which weekly outpatient therapy alone hasn't been effective.

Science-Based Treatment


IFFT is soundly grounded in science-based clinical interventions.  For a deep-dive into IFFT  and what it entails, along with an actual case study, please see our article published in the peer reviewed American Journal of Family Therspy  (Note IFFT was previously  called IIFT in this article.)


Expert Clinical Care

Family-Focused Services

Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to treat childhood mental illness is through effective family-based therapy. Intensive Family-Focused Therapy (IFFT) can help resolve even the most challenging emotional and behavioral needs of children and adolescents.

Please note: We work with a limited number of families. Please contact us to see if we are currently accepting a new family. If not, we would gladly put you on our waiting list.

Each IFFT therapist is fully licensed and highly experienced. We work with children and adolescents with complex clinical needs. The therapists  working with your family have  the necessary expertise to effectively treat serious mental health challenges.

A Highly Effective, Family -Based Treatment  Approach for Children and Teens

 A research-driven model of mental health care
         serving families all throughout California